The Childress Rotary Greenbelt Bowl Classic

June 10, 2017 @ 6:30pm

Historic Fair Park Stadium Childress, Texas


    The first Greenbelt Bowl game was played Aug. 11, 1950 with Ki Aldrich coaching the East team and Dick Todd coaching the West. It was an exciting game as the West was victorious 14-13. The Childress Quarterback Club assumed the financial and physical responsibilities of the game.

    In 1999, The Greenbelt Bowl celebrated its 50th Anniversary. The late W.T. "Dub" Nelson is credited with founding the bowl game with a concept to create opportunities for and to provide exposure of talented high school football players of smaller schools in the area that might otherwise be overlooked for college scholarships. When this year's game is complete, over 3,500 players will have competed, with many of those receiving scholarships that they might not otherwise have obtained.

    Hundreds of coaches and game officials have given freely of their time and talents to ensure that the players of the game had the best possible opportunity to showcase their talents.

    Over the years, thousands of local residents, businesses, civic clubs and their members have worked diligently to make this event successful and to provide the financial resources needed. Program advertisers, as well as player and queen sponsors, have been a large component of the funding resources.

    The teams were divided into East and West from 1950-1990. In 1991, the team designations were changed to North and South.

    The East and West series ended with the East holding a 21-17 advantage in wins while there were three ties. From 1978-1982 the West won five consecutive games for the longest streak.

    Since 1991, the North holds a 10-9-1 advantage. A 4-game winning streak for the South came to an end in 2003. A tie in 2007 snapped a 4-game winning streak for the North.

    In 2007 the Greenbelt Bowl was absorbed by the Childress Rotary Club. The Rotary Club welcomes you to Childress and hopes your stay is a pleasant one.


A legacy of excellence

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